There’s a mistaken assumption when you have a handmade business that you just craft all the time.  I admit, I had that assumption as well.  Unfortunately if you just craft, you never launch your business!

(I might be speaking from experience there.)

The Bad News

What they don’t tell you about handmade businesses is that you have to become more than just the artisan.  You have to become a photographer (lighting is my nemesis!), a copywriter (whew – good thing I was an English major), and an accountant (um, don’t talk to me about math, please?).  You have to know your inventory.  You have to be prepared for taxes.

There’s a lot more involved than just crafting.  And each time I put on one of my other hats, I just wish I was sewing.

And we won’t talk about the normal chores – someone still has to clean the house, buy the groceries, cook the meals, and give the dog attention.

Because the dog still needs attention!

That all being said… I’m here now! I’ve launched! I’m official! And I at least know the various hats I need to wear these days.

Now, off to do the dishes, so I don’t feel guilty when I start working on my next Margot! (Rich wine in color, this Margot will be gorgeous.)