Today marks a new step in the handcrafted handbag journey for me: a PDF pattern launch.

It started with a custom bag request, for a specific type of bag that I’d not seen available from other pattern designers.  It was a deceptively simple bag, and yet not as simple as it seemed.  As I worked through the hows and whys of the bag, I kept close notes (I mean, if I’m going to make one, I might as well make more, right?)…and those notes greatly resembled the beginnings of a pattern.

And if I had the beginnings, I might as well have the endings of the pattern, right?

So now, a couple months later since I initially drafted the pattern for the custom order…you too can create a Connie Wristlet!


The Connie Wristlet is fun. It’s practical.  It’s a roomy bag of goodness.  There are 5 pockets, allowing you to organize and stash and hide as much as you might want.  There’s a top zipper that keeps everything secure…and there’s an added inside zipper that keeps certain things even more secure.

It’s small enough for a grab and go without bringing the kitchen sink bag, and big enough to include everything necessary but the kitchen sink.  And best of all?  You can make it in YOUR style.

The pattern is suitable for eager beginners and experienced bag makers.  It was tested in fabric, cork, vinyl, and leather…which means you can play with whatever medium you might choose.

So if you have an hour or two to spare? Why not play with creating your own Connie Wristlet?

Pattern is available NOW!