There are some not so obvious benefits that I love with custom orders.

Generally, I have a set list of things I want to accomplish in a given week.  Sometimes I want to organize my sewing room.  Sometimes I want to make 10 new handbags or wallets.  New patterns, new techniques, new fabric – these are all things I might have on my list to work with in a given week.  And sometimes I want to sit on my couch and veg (or do housework, but that’s rarely a ‘want to’ situation).

Rarely is “go shopping for fabric I wouldn’t normally buy” on my list – unless I have a custom order.

Custom orders give me the opportunity to play with patterns and fabric that aren’t on my normal list of things to do.  Your favorite color scheme might not be my favorite color scheme.  Your preferred style might not be my preferred style.  And that’s fantastic.

It’s through custom orders that I’ve found some really talented fabric designers, and I’ve returned to those designers for additional fabrics after that one order was finished.

It’s through custom orders that I’ve found pattern designers that I love (and some I don’t love).

And it’s through custom orders that I really get to know my customers.  You challenge me as a handbag designer to find the perfect solution for you – in design, in functionality, and in style.

When I get it right? It’s a fantastic feeling!  So even when I have a long list of set things I want to accomplish in a given week, I will always make time for a custom order.  Without these, I don’t grow in my craft.

Thanks for allowing me to grow!

(Want to place a custom order?  I’ve tried to make it easy for you!  Purchase one of the custom order items, and we’ll start the conversation about your final product.  Click here to place your custom order today!)