About Us

r + r is the creative brainchild of one of the daughters of Ron and Reba. I’m one of the other daughters, and I create these brainchildren! (We all have to be good at something, right?)


What drives this? Why do you need to be creative? What’s your focus?

I was asked that a few times when I started playing with fabric. I think the “why” question came more often than the others.

Forced daily to deal with heavy doses of logic, my brain craves an outlet that is based on colors and shapes and structures rather than lines of code and written words. I like to focus on things that delight my mind and make my heart happy. Hopefully, these things will delight your mind and make your heart happy as well!

Materials List:

What you’ll find here are purses, handbags, wallets and other such accessories made from multiple fabric types. You will find all cotton bags. You will find leather bags. You will find cotton and leather combined bags. You will find linen. You might find cork. (You can ask me about cork – such a neat product!)

And if you don’t find anything here that is exactly what you’re wanting, I can create that perfect, custom piece for you, the one that makes your heart happy.


I use a combination of self-drafted patterns, patterns from other designers, and a mix of the two with a dash of inspiration from existing bags spotted in the wild.